Jackson: Look, if it’s gonna upset ya, I won’t force ya, all right? I just wanted to know you’d be able to keep yourself safe, even if you just wanted to show me a move or two, but if it’s concerning, let’s not worry then, ok? I’ll just save my dare for another day.

Sides’ it’s getting late anyway, should prolly hit the hay soon.

Phlegma: You tryin’ to move in on mah bae?

L.E.D: Hey, I know ya’ll mean well, but…sh-she doesn’t want to open up to me right now, so…

Let’s jus’ give her some time alone, then I’ll see what I can do…

Chester: Uh, LED... is Pac alright?

Yo, not to be rude, but…

She just attempted to sing to the crowd, had a nervous break down, ran off and is now balling her eyes out by the sea?

Do ya THINK she is all right?

Ralph: Now that sounds a little more interes-


Ralph: …Frick’n.

yes, very beautiful 

You have no idea how accurate that is Curly…

yes, very beautiful 

You have no idea how accurate that is Curly…

I have a habit of making the same faces as the expressions i’m drawing…

This one for Ralph is making my face hurt…

Skittles: The pokeaskbondance is based upon the Japanese festival which honours ones ancestors. While it usually lasts three days there, it’s crammed into a one night, two week timespan here because guests were given their own personal T.A.R.D.I.S upon arrival.

Because of the summer heat, many of the guests wear yukatas, kiminos and other clothing like that, but since most participants here usually don’t wear clothes anyway, god knows why they choose to do so.

The festival ends with the release of the lanterns as a symbol of the deceased returning to the land of the dead, usually accompanied with a fireworks display.

There, that’s my educational quota for the day. Find out more here.

Ralph: WHATEVS!!! Remembering what we lost, I’ll tell ya what I lost, AN EVENING OF MY LIFE COMING HERE!!!

I could be kicking something’s butt right now, instead i’m letting a lantern drift into the ocean, wow so deep.